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How Tube Made

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Seamless stainless steel pipe/tube is produced by the following steps:

Round bars are peeled in order to remove the oxide skin on the surface, then the peeled bar is heated for piercing to mother pipe. Mother pipe will be cold-rolling or cold-drawing to finished pipe/tube. 



After cold-rolling, the pipe will be decreased in order to clean the tubes, because there are oils in both outsides and inside the tube. The next step is solution annealing, and the temperature based on different specifications and materials. Take ASME SA213 TP316L for example, the solution anneal temperature is around 1040℃. But for grade S32750, the temperature is 1100℃.  The next step is pickling, which process will corrode the oxide skin both outside and inside the tubes. After this, it is the finished tube. The following tests will be done in our lab. 

Destructive tests:

  • Yield test

  • Tensile test

  • Elongation test

  • Hardness test

  • Intergranular test

  • Flaring test

  • Flattening test


Non-destructive tests:

  • Eddy current test

  • Hydro tests

  • Ultrasonic test

  • Permeation Test


Stainless steel pipes are corrosion resistant, durable and environmentally friendly. Stainless steel tubes are a good choice both in life and in industry. Huzhou Gao Lin stainless steel pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professinal stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturer. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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