How to Prevent Corrosion of 321 Stainless Steel Pipe

321 stainless steel pipe has poor corrosion resistance and repair corrosion resistance. The corrosion of 321 stainless steel pipe not only causes economic losses, but also brings hidden dangers to the safety of the structure. Accidents caused by steel corrosion are not uncommon. The anti-corrosion of 321 stainless steel pipe includes two steps:

(1) Surface treatment of 321 stainless steel pipe. The dirt on the surface of the 321 stainless steel pipe will seriously affect the adhesion of the paint on the surface of the 321, and the rust under the paint film will continue to expand, leading to the failure or damage of the coating. Therefore, the quality of the surface treatment of the 321 stainless steel pipe protects the coating. The effect and life expectancy are even greater than the difference in the performance of the paint itself. According to statistics, the surface treatment of 321 stainless steel pipe accounts for about half of the influence of various factors in the anti-corrosion coating on the quality of the coating.

(2) Brush anti-corrosion paint on the surface of 321 stainless steel pipe. Anti-corrosion coating is an oily or non-oil-containing colloidal solution. It can be coated on the surface of 321 stainless steel pipe to form a film to protect 321 stainless steel pipe. Anti-corrosion coating is generally composed of primer and topcoat. The function of primer It is to make the paint film and the base layer and the top coat firmly bond. The main function of the top coat is to protect the lower primer.


The fire resistance of 321 stainless steel pipe is poor, and its fire resistance limit is only 15-20min. According to the “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings”, the fire resistance limit of building components when the fire resistance level is level two is 2.5h for columns supporting multiple layers and 1.5 for beams. h, the floor is 1.0h, therefore, fire protection measures must be taken on the surface of the 321 stainless steel pipe member.

Common fire prevention measures are: use fire-resistant lightweight boards as the fire-resistant outer layer, pour concrete or masonry refractory bricks around the components, and apply fire-resistant paint. The load-bearing 321 stainless steel pipes of general civil buildings and large public buildings should be fireproofed with fireproof coatings. Fire retardant coatings can be divided into three types: ultra-thin, thin, and thick. Boards and beams generally use ultra-thin and thin fire-retardant coatings, and columns use thick fire-retardant coatings. However, at this stage, the price of fireproof coatings is more expensive. Therefore, in ordinary 321 stainless steel pipes, the method of pouring fine stone concrete on the surface of the beams and columns is often used. Set the steel wire mesh connected with the steel components, which can effectively reduce the cost.

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