Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless Steel Round Tube is made of Austenitic stainless steel. After heat treatment, the material offers good formability (bending, deep-drawing, spinning, etc.). Due to the toughness, poor heat conduction properties and a high degree of hardening, the material is only moderately machinable.

Stainless Steel Round Tube is the most versatile and widely used stainless steel tube, due to its combination of corrosion resistance, formability, and ductility. Stainless Steel Round Tube is ideal for all structural applications where greater strength and superior corrosion resistance is required. 

304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe


Type 304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe exhibits good machinability and has excellent weld-ability characteristics with or without the addition of filler metals. As a heat-resistant grade, 304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe offers good corrosion resistance to many chemical corrodents, as well as industrial atmospheres.  



304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe is the most versatile and widely used stainless steel tube, due to its combination of corrosion resistance, formability, and ductility. 

304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe for sale is most notably present in industrial applications and kitchen equipment. It has good corrosion resistance and is utilized with parts requiring machining, welding, grinding, or polishing. Polished Stainless Steel Pipe is also ideal for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical and petrochemical processing applications. 



310 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe


Stainless steel 310 is an austenitic heat resistant alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation under mildly cyclic conditions through 2000°F. It’s high chromium and nickel contents provide comparable corrosion resistance, superior resistance to oxidation, and the retention of a larger fraction of room temperature strength than the common austenitic alloys like Type 304. 310 stainless steel round pipe is often used at cryogenic temperatures, with excellent toughness to -450°F, and low magnetic permeability. Type 310 polished stainless steel pipes are typically used for elevated temperature applications. High chromium and nickel content of 310 stainless steel round pipe provides excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, as well as superior strength in temperatures up to 2100°F. The higher chromium and nickel content, also makes it superior to 304 or 309 polished stainless steel pipe.

310 stainless steel round pipe is fabricated to offer excellent performance in the elevated temperature conditions on the industrial level that need high resistance to carburization and thermal cycling corrosion. It shows austenitic nature in the whole temperatures and doesn’t show embrittlement. The excellent strength and resistance to high-temperature oxidation properties are purposeful in the commercial incinerators, kilns, and food processing equipment. 


  • Oil Burner Parts
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Furnace Parts
  • Welding Filler Wires and Electrodes
  • Combustion Tubes
  • Annealing Covers
  • Fire Box Sheets
  • Radiant Tubes
  • Cryogenic structures

316 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe 


Type 316 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe is similar to 304, but with the addition of molybdenum, which improves the alloys corrosion resistance. 316 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe is more resistant to corrosion and pitting than Polished Stainless Steel Pipe and offers higher strength at elevated temperatures. In addition, 316L is an extra low carbon variation that helps avoid carbide precipitation due to welding.

The Polished Stainless Steel Pipe allows excellent toughness, even down to extremely low temperatures. These grades have excellent weldability, with or without the addition of filler metal.



316 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe provides the best resistance to pitting and corrosion of any of the austenitic (300 series) Polished Stainless Steel Pipe. So It is ideal for hydraulic and instrumentation tubing in chemical, textile, and pulp and paper industries, and in marine environments. It is extremely ductile, with excellent strength at elevated temperatures.  316 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe can be found in pumps and valves applications.

Polished Stainless Steel Pipe is our specialty at Gaolin Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer. We maintain one of the nation’s largest and most diversified inventories of Polished Stainless Steel Pipe, including round. Gaolin Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer is the top 10 professional stainless steel pipe distributors and manufacturers in China. Our Polished Stainless Steel Pipe is available in a variety of sizes and can be cut and polished to your specifications. We also stock welded & seamless pressure tubing. Gaolin Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer offers a wide range of stainless steel pipe products including type 304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe and types 316 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe.

We looking forward you to contact us and buy Stainless Steel Pipe. Then we’ll be happy to help you order just what you need. We are also available to answer questions you may have about our Polished Stainless Steel Pipe.


317L Polished Stainless Steel Pipe 


Stainless steel 317L is a molybdenum grade containing low carbon, along with additions of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This offers better corrosion resistance and increased resistance to chemical attacks from acetic, tartaric, formic, citric, and sulfuric acids. Due to low carbon content, 317L stainless steel round pipe has higher creep, stress to rupture, and tensile strength than its 316L and 304L stainless steel round pipe counterparts. Due to the higher moly content, a 317L polished stainless steel tube provides enhanced resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking particularly in chloride or halide rich environments. Grade 317L stainless steel round pipes are non-magnetic in the annealed condition. However, post-welding slight magnetism may be observed. 317L polished stainless steel pipe possesses outstanding corrosion resilience in a wide range of chemical substances, specifically in acidic chloride conditions for example those experienced in pulp and paper mills. 

  • Paper and pulp equipment
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Power generation including fossil fuels and nuclear
  • Flue gas desulfurization systems
  • Textile equipment


321 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe


Stainless 321 is a heat resistant, titanium stabilized, an austenitic alloy that’s commonly used for service in the 1000°-1600°F temperature range. 321 stainless steel round pipe is primarily used in applications that involve continuous and intermittent service temperatures within the carbide precipitation range of 800°-1500°F. Stainless 321 is chromium-nickel steel that was developed with improved intergranular-corrosion resistance. 321 polished stainless steel pipe is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, sterilizing solutions, many organic chemicals, and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals. Type 321 stainless steel round pipe offers metal fabricators an outstanding corrosion and oxidation resistance, as well as excellent toughness even down to cryogenic temperatures. Remarkably high strength, as well as scaling resistance and phase stability, set 321 polished stainless steel pipe apart from other similar grades.

  • Aircraft piston engine manifolds and exhaust stacks
  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Refinery equipment
  • High-temperature chemical process equipment
  • Gas and oil refinery equipment
  • Automotive exhaust systems
  • Boiler casings

347 Polished Stainless Steel Pipe


347 stainless steel is an austenitic grade of chromium steel, which contains columbium as a stabilizing element. Tantalum can also be added for achieving stabilization. This eliminates the carbide precipitation, as well as intergranular corrosion in steel pipes. Type 347 stainless steel round pipe offers higher creep and stress rupture properties than grade 304 and 304L polished stainless steel pipes. This makes them suitable for exposures to sensitization and intergranular corrosion. Moreover, the inclusion of columbium allows 347 stainless steel round pipe to have excellent corrosion resistance, even superior to that of 321 polished stainless steel pipes. 347 stainless steel round pipe is common in the petroleum refining industries.

  • Boiler tubes and casings
  • Oil and gas refinery piping
  • Radiant superheaters
  • High-pressure steam pipes
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Cabin heaters
  • Heavy wall-welded equipment
  • Aircraft exhaust stacks and collector rings

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